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Warehouse Storage - What makes us so special?

Using Neutral for Storage in Melbourne is the best place for all types of cargo, particularly items that are precious to you or the items that you want to keep in a safe and secure location. Whether it is for a short-term duration or if you need storage for the long-term, Neutral Storage will accommodate your needs.

Neutral can store your regular palletised freight as well as any larger items you may bring in. With their video surveillance and monitored alarm systems, you can be confident in knowing that your stock will be safe. If you want to check on your cargo and storage levels, our state of the art inventory and stock control systems allow you to look at the status of your goods online. This saves you time and money, and is one of the many perks that come with using Neutral Storage in Melbourne.

Neutral has a wide range of services that other storage facilities don't have. These services include general storage, container handling, packing and unpacking services, in and out pallet storage, labeling and rework services, transport and distribution, as well as the handling of international cargo. Neutral Storage takes pride in its punctuality when delivering cargo, so our combined fleet of over 80 vehicles ensures that your delivery is on time, every time.

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